Bridgeport Police Seek Woman Suspected of Luring Teen Girl Into Car, Attacking Her

A 17-year-old girl bailed out of a car in Bridgeport, Connecticut after a woman lured her into it and assaulted her, according to police. 

As police investigated the assault and attempted abduction, they are asking for the public's help to find the woman and the car.

Video surveillance police released on Wednesday shows what appears to be the teen open the door of a moving four-door sedan and tumble out of it.  On Thursday morning, police said they are might be getting closer to arrestin a suspect.

The video shows the driver make a U-turn, double back on the opposite side of the road and keepgoing.

Bridgeport police said they responded to the corner of Boston and Palisade avenues in Bridgeport at 7:15 a.m. on Monday to investigate reports of an attempted abduction and found the teenage girl. 

She was not hurt and told police she was walking to school on Boston Avenue when a charcoal gray Toyota Yaris approached her and the driver lured her into the car and then attacked her police said.

The victim "bailed out" of the car as it was headed west on Boston Avenue, police said, and the driver made a U-turn at Dover Street and then drove east on Boston Avenue and into Stratford, police said.

Police described the female suspect as someone in her 40s with freckles. She was last seen wearing a black, leather jacket and she had her black hair in a ponytail, police said. It's unknown if the teen knew her attacker.

There was heavy traffic in the area at the time of the reported attempted abduction and police are hoping someone witnessed it. They are asking for the public's help in identifying the driver and her car.

Meanwhile, many Bridgeport residents were surprised by the news.

"Wow. … That's like something out of a movie. I can't even believe that happened right here," Matt Baker, of Bridgeport, said. "She definitely made the right decision. I think anybody under that circumstance would be pushed to do anything crazy. … Your body's going to be pushed to do whatever you need to do to survive, so I think she definitely made the right choice to jump out of the car at the right time."

"I shouldn't have to worry about my child getting abducted by anybody," Milly Rodriguez, of Bridgeport, said.

"Sick.  She's young," Rodriguez said. "I don't want her living her life scared for the rest of her life."

Another parent said the incident has made her decide not to let her children go anywhere alone.

The car is missing the back bumper, so the white Styrofoam is exposed.

Bridgeport police said they are confident they will solve the case, but ask anyone with information to call Det. Jeff Holtz at 203-581-5293.

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