Video Alleges Officer Played Video Poker While Driving

"There you go. Video poker. That’s what they’re doing. Good job," says woman in video

An investigation was underway Thursday after a YouTube video surfaced that allegedly shows a suburban Chicago police officer playing video poker on a computer screen while driving down a snowy road.

The YouTube video, titled "Cop Plays Video Poker on His Laptop While Driving: Witness," was posted Tuesday and had more than 7,200 views by 6:15 a.m. Thursday.

"The officer in this video has been identified," said police Lt. Mike Rompa. "Due to the seriousness of this incident, the Bolingbrook Police Department has placed this under an internal investigation."

The 45-second video, which clearly shows the Bolingbrook police emblem on the squad car, was recorded Saturday, Jan. 4, according to information provided with the video.

"Mr. Bolingbrook policeman ... patrolling real hard. He’s going to be so happy when this goes on Facebook," the woman recording the patrol officer says during the video. "There you go. Video poker. That’s what they’re doing. Good job.”

The woman suggests the officer is playing a game while driving but that is not clearly visible in the short video.

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