ATV Riders Destroying Dunes Installed After Sandy

The New York City Parks Department is installing fences and fixing gates along dunes on a Staten Island beach, hoping to keep out ATV riders who have been destroying the barriers put in place after Sandy.

Crescent Beach resident Coleen Wood says she frequently hears the ATVs, believed to be operated by teenagers, running over the dunes outside her home.

"Constantly back and forth, back and forth, even at nighttime we hear them," she said.

Sandy sent floodwaters 10 feet high outside and into Woods' home. The dunes and dune grasses were put in place for essential protection from future coastal storms, and Woods can't understand why others would want to endanger their community with a joyride.

"Right here is not a good time or a good place to do it," she said.

Another Crescent Beach resident, Mark Palazzolo, said, "Wise up, because it's their neighborhood that's gonna take a hit."

In addition to putting up fences around the dunes, parks enforcement officers will also be on patrol. ATV riders caught treading over the dunes could face a $2,000 fine.

"Have some respect for other people," said Woods. "We have to live here."

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