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Artist Images Show What the World Looks Like Through a Cat's Eyes



    Cats are arguably the Internet's most famous subject, but what is it like to see the world through a cat's eyes?

    Wonder no more. With the input of animal eye experts, artist Nickolay Lamm created seven diptychs that show a human's eye view next to a cat's eye view. He posted the images to his blog on Tuesday.

    The images illustrate that the human view is substantially clearer -- during daytime -- and more colorful than the cat view. The blur on each side of the photos represents the peripheral vision. Cats have a peripheral vision of 30 degrees on each side, compared to 20 percent for humans, which is represented by a deeper and more expansive blurriness in the cat's view photos.

    "What a normal human can see as unblurred and sharp at 100-200 feet, a cat would have to view from 20 feet," Lamm said in an email.

    But night photos show how cats see better in low lighting due to their elliptical pupil, large cornea and tapetum, Lamm said.

    This isn't the first time Lamm's work has got people thinking. The Pittsburg-based artist made headlines over the summer when he created a Barbie doll based on the measurements of an average American woman. More recently he rendered of the average American man, who looked decidedly more porky than the average Dutch, French or Japanese man.