Dairy Queen Franchise Owner Accused of ‘Proudly' Admitting He Called Tinley Park Mother, Children Racial Slurs: Zion Police

A Dairy Queen franchise owner in Zion is accused of calling a suburban Chicago mother and her children racial slurs Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Zion police were made aware of the incident after the woman, Deianeira Ford of Tinley Park, detailed an account of what she said happened in a Facebook post, which soon quickly started to spread across social media, the Chicago Tribune reports

Ford, who is biracial, said she had asked the store owner for a $5 refund after not receiving all the food that she ordered, according to the Tribune

The franchise owner, who is white, then allegedly responded by calling her and her children racial slurs, police said. 

A Zion police officer who responded to the incident said the owner "proudly admitted" to calling the woman and her children racial slurs, according to a police report released to the Chicago Tribune. The man also allegedly said he would “be happy to go to jail over the issue," the officer said in the report.

It’s an allegation denied by the store owner, who told the News-Sun Thursday afternoon the accusations were completely unfounded. 

"It's 99 percent lies. This is blown so far out of proportion it's stupid,” he said to the News-Sun. “Her order was confusing, and I told her, 'Here's your money back.' This is so far blown out of proportion."

The store owner does not face any criminal charges.

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