Cops Release 911 Tapes of Wrong-Way Edens Driver

Sergio Galvez-Delira drove north in the southbound lanes of I-94 for 11 miles

Illinois State Police on Friday released several 911 calls reporting a drunk driver traveling the wrong way on the Edens Expressway.

Sergio Galvez-Delira drove his SUV 11 miles north in the southbound lanes of I-94 early Thursday for about 10 minutes. Police took at least nine 911 calls reporting the driver's whereabouts near Peterson, Touhy, Lake Street, Dempster and Willow.

He's driving “a million miles an hour giving me goose pimples,” said one particularly frightened caller. "He would have killed me."

Several people said they were nearly sideswiped by other drivers pulling out of the way. One caller even offered to follow the driver, asking officers “to hurry.”

Police credit the callers for helping pinpoint Galvez-Delira. He was pulled over just north of Tower Road in suburban Glencoe.

"Without their calls and exact location descriptions, it may have been more difficult for law enforcement to locate the driver, and could have resulted in multiple tragedies," according to a police statement.

Galvez-Delira was arrested and charged with DUI, reckless driving, open alcohol, no insurance and improper lane usage.

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