Naperville Train Station Shooting Raises Questions About Safety Procedures

Police say a gunman shot an Amtrak conductor Tuesday afternoon in front of several terrified riders in Naperville. But NBC 5 spoke to a passenger who says what happened during the chaos left her even more shaken.

The suspect had been subdued by passengers, police said. No one else was hurt and authorities arrived within minutes.

Gina, whose last name NBC 5 is not using for privacy concerns, says she was waiting for a train to Chicago when she witnessed the shooting. But she questions how the seconds following the shooting were handled.

“There were those who were already in the train station that had no idea the shooting even occurred,” she said.

There were no announcements, according to witnesses. Gina says she guided some people to the building for shelter.

“My goal is not to get anybody in trouble but to, my goal is just to, for an emergency situation like that to have some sort of procedure for people to feel safe,” she said.

Amtrak says the shooting happened at the opposite end of the station and it's hard to tell if any staff heard the gunshot.

Still, Amtrak says it will look at the incident to see if there are lessons to be learned. There are recommended federal guidelines to keep rail passengers safe. Rail systems are urged to train for evacuation, panic prevention and communication.

Metra says its part of the office was unstaffed that afternoon.

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