Wisconsin Company Gifts Employees With Handguns for Christmas

A Wisconsin company has gifted their employees with handguns for Christmas.

BenShot, based out of Hortonville, Wisconsin, gifted its staff with a firearm for the holidays, “for personal safety.”

“We wanted something that was first for personal safety and protection of employees and the second was fun and memorable,” said Ben Wolfgram, who co-founded the business with his father.

The company, which makes glassware designed to appear “bulletproof,” has 16 full-time and multiple part-time employees. Each employee was required to take a gun safety course before receiving their holiday present.

“Our owners want us and our families to feel safe and it’s very clear that we support the Second Amendment,” said employee Chelsea Priest, who noted she was proud to work for a company that “shows what they believe in.”

In order to gift a firearm to employees, BenShot purchased gift cards to local gun shops. Each employee selected which shop they wanted to purchase their firearm from and background checks were done by those stores, the company said.

“Everyone’s really excited about it,” said Priest.

Wolfgram added that since the gifts were given, employees have been going to gun ranges together, making for an unintended “team building” outing.

“It’s been a good thing to build a company morale together,” he said.

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