Wichita State Invites Lone Loyola University Cheerleader to Cheer With Them During Match

Wichita State went on to a 59-42 victory during the match

When Loyola University could only send one cheerleader to the Missouri Valley Conference women’s basketball tournament over the weekend thanks to midterm conflicts, the opposing team’s squad decided to honor her dedication in a special way.

The Wichita State cheerleaders, which had a full squad, found out before Friday’s quarterfinals match that sophomore Maddie Kenney would be alone in her cheering efforts so they invited her to cheer with them during their timeout performances, according to the Wichita Eagle.

Kenney told the paper she thought the team was joking at first but said, “the next thing I knew I was in an extension.”


The crowd roared at the sight of compassion and sportsmanship and Kenney reportedly said it was a moment she will never forget.

“It was absolutely incredible and it really meant a lot to see the sportsmanship Wichita State displayed,” she told the Wichita Eagle. “It’s our job as cheerleaders to encourage and spread team spirit, so it’s really awesome we had the opportunity to do it together.”

Wichita State went on to a 59-42 victory during the match.

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