The Blame Game Scorecard

And what we think of Burris, Quinn

The good folks at Rasmussen have put out a poll of Illinoisans that shows we're not all completely stupid.

For example, a solid 64 percent blame politicians for our state's corruption.

Actually, that number seems a little low, I mean, who else is to blame? 

But an additional 19 percent blame "the system," by which we're guessing they mean things like lax campaign finance laws. Plus, pols sort of are "the system," so let's add that in and say the bad guys get 83 percent of the blame. Now we're talking!

Nine percent blame voters, presumably for putting the bad guys into office, and two percent blame the media, presumably for not doing more to keep the bad guys out.

Either way, the pols are still the bad guys.

Speaking of which, 62 percent say Roland Burris should resign. We commend the public's focus; the media seems to have forgotten about Burris and his misdeeds. Burris has a favorability rating of just 19 percent.

The fallout from the Blagojevich scandal has harmed U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in a big way: 63 percent of voters have an unfavorable view of him - a sharp turnaround from pre-Blago polls.

Worth noting: Pat Quinn has a healthy 61 percent approval rating.

And finally, in contrast to the poll numbers paraded around by Chicago 2016, Rasmussen found that 51 percent of likely Illinois voters favor the Olympic bid, while 34 percent oppose it and 15 percent aren't sure.

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