Dog Injured in Wheaton Coyote Attack

Two other dogs in the area were attacked last month

Another dog has been attacked by a coyote in west suburban Wheaton.

Linda Arigi said her 16-pound bichon frisé, Evie, was attacked recently by a coyote. Arigi was out of town at the time but said her housesitter called her to tell her the Coyote had the dog in its mouth and dropped it only when the animal couldn't fit through a fence.

Arigi told the Daily Herald that Evie is recovering "miraculously well," from the six puncture wound she received in her neck.

Two Wheaton dogs last month were attacked by a coyote. One of the small dogs was injured. The other went missing and was later found dead.

The separate attacks are in the same area, separated by the Illinois Prairie Path.


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