What's Next?

Rahm Emanuel continued to stump for votes Monday night at Waveland Bowl, saying he'll take Monday's Appellate Court decision booting him from the mayoral ballot to the Supreme Court.

Until then, Emanuel's name will not be included on thousands of ballots being printed, which means early voters won't get to pick him.

So what's next?

Experts say that if Emanuel stays out of the race, there almost certainly will be a runoff. Former alderman Martin Oberman said residents so far haven't looked at anyone winning besides Rahm, because they assumed Emanuel would win.
"The other candidates have all been in the single, or very low double digits," Oberman says. "That means most people have not been paying attention to them."

The Sun-Times' Fran Spielman gave her prediction for the next candidate to step up as forerunner: Gery Chico, citing his resume of chief-of-staff under Mayor Daley and school board president, among other things, and the stability he exudes to the business community.

A Chicago Tribune editorial today called the vote "judicial arrogance." The board wondered if the Appellate decision was "about law or politics" and said with 44 percent of voters in favor of Emanuel in a recent poll, Chicago residents don't actually care about his residence.

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