Cold, Soggy Memorial Day

While the holiday weekend wasn’t a total wash out, it appears Memorial Day will be a soggy one.

As rain showers drizzle across Chicago Monday morning, wet weather is expected to appear throughout the day with chances of thunderstorms later on Monday, according to NBC Chicago’s Pete Sack.

Though much of the rain will skip most of Chicago’s northern and western suburbs, areas south of Interstate 80 face heavy rain and even flash flood warnings.

Due to heavy rain showers striking overnight and continued rain Monday, areas south of Chicago including La Salle county are under a flood warning, which will remain in effect until 2:30 p.m. Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

Monday’s temperatures are expected to reach into the mid-to-upper 60s later in the day, but won’t come close to last year’s Memorial Day weather, which stretched into the 90s.

Rainy weather is expected to continue throughout the week with chances of the thunderstorms Tuesday.

Wednesday should bring brief relief as temps in the 80s and dry skies are expected, and though warm temps should remain throughout the week, chances of rain will return. 

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