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‘Something Happened': Mother of Teen Found Frozen in Waukegan Pool Pleads For Justice

A devastated mother made the journey from Mexico to claim her son’s body in Waukegan after he was found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Lucio Cambray was found dead in a pool at an abandoned home in Waukegan earlier this month.

His mother sobbed as she spoke to reporters Thursday about seeking justice for her son.

While the coroner says the 18-year-old didn’t suffer any physical trauma she believes foul play took her son’s life.

“I want justice justice for him," A sobbing Gudelia Mercado said in Spanish through a translator. "He was only 18 years old.”

Cambray was born in the States and was staying with friends when he was found frozen in an outdoor pool on Jan. 8 two weeks after he had been reported missing.

“She said he liked to joke around a lot, his smile, he was happy," the translator said.

That’s why his mother does not believe Cambray’s death was an accident, especially given where his body was found: the pool of an abandoned home.

“She says my son didn’t just arrive there where he was found dead, alone," the translator said. "Something happened.”

As the coroner continues to wait for toxicology results, the family is putting pressure on Waukegan police, a family spokesperson saying they’ve asked federal Homeland Security investigators to get involved.

“I never knew a life without a brother," Lucio's sister Odalis Cambray said. "I was 1 year old when he was born so it was always me and him.”

His distraught mother hopes for progress in the case.

“There should be justice for my son," Mercado said through the translator. "I don’t want to leave it like this."

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