Race in Chicago

Watch: ‘The Path Forward – Personal Stories About Race and How We Can Make A Difference'

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In the seventh edition of "The Path Forward," LeeAnn Trotter talks to three talented young artists artists who figured out a way to use their talent and creativity to heal some of the trauma that many of our Black and brown communities have been dealing with for decades.

They have formed an artist-led, Chicago-based non-profit called Alt Space Chicago, a group dedicated to revitalizing communities that have been historically ignored and still lack much needed resources to thrive.

Panelists include:

  • Tyler Campell, a visual artist, director, creative director of 2:AM Label. She has a deep interest in America's marginalized communities in regards to their socioeconomic, political and cultural impact.
  • Jordan Campbell, a documentary photographer and educator whose practice is based in the advocacy of political and economic transformation within marginalized communities.
  • Jon Veal, who has forged a collaborative transdisciplinary practice that is informed by his relationships. Veal uses his artistic agency as a platform for social engagement and discourse. He is also a co-founder of Alt Space Chicago.

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