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Watch: NBC Chicago Docuseries ‘Vaccinated State'

Watch the exclusive series in the players below.

Amid continued questions about the coronavirus vaccine in Illinois, a new docuseries from NBC Chicago explores the issues and reception of one of the most sought-after medicines in our lifetime.

In "Vaccinated State," NBC 5's Chris Hush, Greg Sanchez and Ivonne Ramirez document the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine in Illinois, putting a spotlight on what Illinois residents need to know, what we're still learning and what's next.

Watch the series in the players below.

Episode 1: The Vaccine Truth

From conspiracy theories to mistrust in African American communities, NBC Chicago's Chris Hush follows the stories of those tackling some of the biggest challenges getting in the way of the life-saving coronavirus vaccine.

Episode 2: Getting the Shot

In the second episode of NBC Chicago's "Vaccinated State," take a look inside the belly of an aircraft as the coronavirus vaccine arrives in Illinois and into the arms of some of the first to be inoculated in the state.

Episode 3: Then And Now

"Vaccinated State" goes back in time to help understand how we got to where we are today, and where we’re headed, as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Episode 4: The Path Forward

In the finale episode of "Vaccinated State," we look at what's ahead and hear a Chicagoan’s story that took a surprising turn, changing her decision about getting the COVID-19 vaccine.
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