Warm Today, Cool Tomorrow

A cold front sweeps through, dry (starved for moisture), late Tuesday

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The warm Chicago weather of the last week isn't going on a winter vacation, but it is planning to take a few days off this week.

A warm system coupled with sunshine should keep temperatures in the high 50s to low 60s Tuesday, which is well above the average high of 49-degrees.

But, it’s one and done.  A cold front sweeps through, dry (starved for moisture), late Tuesday and winds shift west northwest, and the cold air starts it return visit tonight and stays for the next few days. 

Lows down into the mid-20s inland overnight, still in the mid-30s in the city.

Breezy and much cooler tomorrow with temperatures in the low-to-mid-40s.

Still breezy and even a little colder on Thursday with temps struggling to break above 40 in many locations.

After the temperature roller coaster bottoms out Thursday night into early Friday morning, the warm air advection patterns return and we start going up again into the weekend.

It’s only Tuesday, but if guidance is on track,  Saturday will be mostly cloudy, windy and warmer with upper 50s, possibly low 60s and the threat for showers and even a few thunderstorms for the big Mag Mile Lights Festival!

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