Bicyclist Killed Heading Home from Lollapalooza

A 25-year-old woman killed in a downtown accident Friday night had a passion for fitness, a love of life and a generous spirit, those who knew her say.

Jacqueline Michon, of the 3200 block of North Clark Street, was killed at about 10:45 p.m. near Wacker and Wabash in downtown Chicago when she fell off her bike and underneath a dump truck while on her way home from Lollapalooza.

The weekend concert was a big deal for Michon and her friends.  Five of them traveled from California to stay with Michon in her one-room apartment for the weekend.  They were locked out of the apartment all night, not knowing where Michon was or what happened to her, said Michon's friend, Joshua Berngard.

The Western Michigan University graduate had been in Chicago about 12 months, rode her bike frequently with friends and had recently taken a new job as a personal trainer.

"She was an amazing person, always willing to help somebody, train somebody," said Berngard.

Police called the incident a "tragic accident."

Michon apparently rode her bicycle between a truck, which was stopped at the traffic light at 227 N. Wabash Ave., when she lost her balance and fell beneath the trucks rear axle.

The light turned green before Michon could pick herself up.

"It’s a tragic accident," said police spokesman John Mirabelli. "It appears from witnesses … that the bicyclist had lost her footing and slipped under the wheels.”

A witness flagged the truck driver, who remained at the scene until police arrived.

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