Voice of Bart Simpson Stirs Up Springfield

Nancy Cartwright is promoting a character-building program rooted in Scientology

Bart Simpson is creating controversy in Springfield (the real town in Illinois, not the fictional one on the hit show "The Simpsons").  

Nancy Cartwright, the actress who lends her voice to the iconic character, is encouraging members of the House to adopt a program in Illinois schools that encourages children to build good character.

That's not sitting well with some lawmakers who aren't pleased the “Good Choices” program is based on a book by the founder of the Church of Scientology.
"It’s just basic good manners, good principles that kids sometimes don’t get exposed to in some of the more challenged areas of our state,” says State Rep. Dan Burke (D-Chicago) who is sponsoring the resolution.

Cartwright is scheduled to testify on behalf of the program before a House panel Wednesday.


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