How 2 Prominent Bloggers Spend a Weekend in Chicago

We caught up with them to find their must-see spots

For Natalie and Dylana Lim Suarez, travel is constant.

The two famed fashion bloggers and sisters are often seen jetting off to new locations as they build their brands on social media and online.

But most recently, they came to Chicago for the weekend, experiencing the city and enjoying the Pitchfork music festival.

But what do two major bloggers do when they visit the Windy City for a few days?

We caught up with them to find their must-see spots.

Q: Tell me a little about your impression of Chicago so far?

Natalie: This is I think our third time here. We love it. There’s so much food and beautiful architecture. It’s such a cool, really big city. And it’s pretty close to New York, which is awesome.

Dylana: It kind of reminds us a little bit of New York too – it’s sort of like the old school architecture, the brown- it’s like the same but different. You know there’s a lot of history here too. We’re slowly learning about it in the different neighborhoods we go, so that’s fun. We’ve definitely been having a lot of food…

Natalie: This trip we discovered a lot of new neighborhoods. Like Pilsen we’ve never been to, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park…

Dylana: It’s all been based off of where we’ve been wanting to eat so we’re like “Oh we’ll go to this place” and it’s a neighborhood we haven’t been to yet. We just like go from there and walk around.

Q: What’s your favorite neighborhood so far?

Natalie: I liked Lincoln Park today. I just loved like the homes.

Dylana: Oh yeah, it was beautiful. We just wanted to look at everybody’s homes.

Natalie: And of course we love Wicker Park. It just reminds me so much of Williamsburg in New York. That was really cool.

Dylana: We were randomly in Pilsen the other day. We went for Vietnamese food. It kind of reminded us of Bushwick, just sort of like up-and-coming. It was like a Mexican neighborhood but also a lot of little like hipster book shops. It was a cool mix.

Q: Where have you eaten that would be your top place? If you came back you’d have to visit it...

Natalie: It was a Vietnamese place. I think it started with an H?

Dylana: I have a picture right here. It was called, this place right here. Ca Phe Da.

Natalie: It’s like a smaller café connected to the big new restaurant. It just opened everyone’s telling us.

Q: Is Vietnamese food your go-to pick?

Dylana: We love pho. We always look for it wherever we go.

Natalie: Whenever you travel it just makes you feel good. A good bowl of soup.

Dylana: Especially with the weather right now too we were craving it.

Q: Who has been your top artist to see while you were here?

Dylana: We saw Blood Orange yesterday.

Natalie: We’ve seen him grow a lot. We’ve seen a lot of New York super small shows.

Dylana: It’s cool to see him every few years and follow his music ever since finding out about him. Tierra Whack, who is a female rapper from Philadelphia- she was cool.

Natalie: We saw Fleet Foxes, which is like folk, and then Tame Imapala.

Q: How would you describe the style here compared to New York?

Dylana: Depends on the area. When we were in Wicker Park I felt like it was more.. it felt younger and trendier and people were dressed a little more out there. Maybe more bohemian rock and roll. Where we’re staying here though, is like the downtown area…

Natalie: It feels more like the Uptown area of New York. It’s a little bit more relaxed, everyone wears a lot of neutrals, which I noticed.

Dylana: Business casual. I feel like it’s a mix everywhere we go.

Natalie: It’s a mix, just like in New York.

Q: What’s the biggest trend you’ve seen here so far?

Natalie: I feel like people here love that kind of like grungy, outdoors-y, almost like camping kind of style. It’s very bohemian.

Dylana: I feel like I see guys in a lot of beanies. In the summer, I’ve been seeing a lot of beanies. I like beanies but usually you don’t see them in the summer. I feel like it’s part of the look, and I mean the weather too.

Natalie: Lots of denim, little florals.

Dylana: Definitely grungy.

Q: You guys stayed downtown at the Ambassador?

Natalie: Yeah. We love it. The neighborhood’s really beautiful.

Dylana: Lots of good restaurants around the hotel. Close to the beach.

Natalie: It’s really pretty.

Q: What have you done as far as sightseeing?

Dylana: [Monday] is going to be more of a touristy day. We’re going to go to the bean. That side of downtown.

Natalie: And the beach.

Dylana: Maybe a river boat tour. Maybe go on a bike ride.

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