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Video Shows Brazen Thieves Pillaging Cars in Franklin Park

Two separate break-ins at the same property in Franklin Park were captured on home security video.

"In the beginning you start shaking," resident Steven Donchev said. "Then you feel mad."

A car break-in that didn't just happen once, but two times to the same victim--and that second break in was violent.

“You don’t expect something to happen to you at your house to take your belongings," Maria Donchev said.

The Donchevs have lived in the 3000 block of Ernst Street for about 10 years. They noticed something odd with Maria’s car Monday morning.

“She started looking for her wallet and we discover that something is missing," Steve said.

They checked their security camera and discovered a disturbing video time stamped at about 3 a.m. of what appears to be three people roaming around the neighborhood trying to open up cars.

They soon figure out that Maria forgot to lock the doors of her car and then stole what could find.

“I only had $20 cash and all the credit cards,” Maria said.

A day later, Steve and Maria say it happened again when their camera captured someone walk up to Steve’s car, break the window and then reach in to steal his radar detector and dashboard camera.

Steve thinks it might have been in retaliation for reporting their credit cards stolen.

“Maybe because we stopped them right away, they came the second time, getting mad or something,” he said.

The Franklin Park couple hope the video will help police identify the people behind these crimes.

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