Video Shows Aide Striking Child With Autism on School Bus

Video shows an aide striking a 6-year-old girl with autism in the face as they ride to school at Cherry Hill Elementary in New Lenox.

Kayle Rushing's parents are holding her extra close, they say, after the frightening incident on her school bus last week.

"To see it happen and actually see the video-- it's flabbergasting," Nick Rushing, Kayle's father told NBC 5.

Kayle's father watched the video with school administrators who say staff realized something was wrong when the aide carried Kayle off the bus.

"I was just lost for words," said Madeline Norley, Kayle's mother.

Kayle's mother says she knew something was wrong even before the school called.

"It made sense because when she got of the bus she was all clingy, 'mommy, mommy, daddy, daddy,'" Norley said.

The New Lenox school district says it contracts special education busing through and outside contractor.

"Student safety is our first priority and we expect any service the district contracts with to fully comply with this priority," the district said in a statement.

Kayle's parents say even though the incident is disturbing, they credit the school district with handling it appropriately.

"Very grateful to the school district for doing what they did, they could easily have swept it under the rug," Rushing said.

Kayle was not severely injured in the incident.

School officials say they have asked for the aide in question to be removed.

New Lenox police were investigating Friday.

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