VIDEO: Race Between Bears Fans Ends Like Loss Vs. Rams

The race is a dead heat until an unexpected obstacle alters the outcome

The Chicago Bears had a tough afternoon on Sunday, committing a slew of penalties and losing a 41-21 blowout at the hands of the St. Louis Rams. 

Despite playing poorly in the game and losing ground in the NFC playoff race, they didn't have quite as bad an afternoon as this poor Bears fan who decided to engage in a foot race with another Bears fan (warning: the video does include NSFW language at the end): 

The video was re-uploaded this afternoon after the original version was taken down, but not before multiple media outlets, including Deadspin, had picked it up.

As best as we can figure, the Bears fan wearing the Walter Payton jersey is trying to do a good impression of what Jordan Mills did on a great run by Matt Forte in Sunday's game, but his failure in running into the pole looked more like what Dante Rosario did when he ran into Kyle Long's backside instead of actually blocking Jo Lonn Dunbar on Michael Bush's fourth down play. 

Oh, what are we saying? Similarities to Sunday's game aside, you can't help but chuckle a bit at the video, especially when the victim got up immediately and appeared to be just fine.

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