Video: Jonathan Toews Gears Up for the Blackhawks' Season

An extended offseason may not have been something that Chicago Blackhawks fans wanted this summer, but there is at least one member of the team that has taken full advantage of the extra time off.

That player is captain Jonathan Toews, who has taken the summer to work hard in the gym and on the ice in preparation for the coming season. Looking as strong as he ever has, Toews was on the ice this week getting ready for the World Cup of Hockey in September, and he’s showing a lot of power in his skating.

That power was on full display in an Instagram video that the captain posted on Wednesday:

The caption to the video reads “Now I know how Hoss (Marian Hossa) must have felt playing on the same line as me all these years.”

The Hawks are likely going to try to move Hossa down the lineup to the third line, where he would most likely skate with Marcus Kruger. As for what that means for Toews, things are unclear, but one thing is for certain: he’s looking to come into the new season firing on all cylinders, and he looks ready to do just that.

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