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Video of fight outside Mount Greenwood restaurant played in court as 4 suburban men face charges

Nick Barraco returned home from the hospital on Wednesday after being released from intensive care on Tuesday

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A video showing an altercation between four suburban men and staff at a Mount Greenwood restaurant early Sunday morning was shown in court to a judge in the case on Wednesday as the four men face charges.

The video, originally posted on social media, shows the melee outside Barraco's restaurant, located in the 3000 block of West 111th Street.

Defense attorney Mike Leonard, who represents one of the four men charged in the fight, described what he saw in the video shown in court.

“You can clearly see three bouncers who follow the kids down the street…and then initiate a full out melee with them with punches being thrown by the bartenders at the heads of the kids including my client," he said.

Leonard said that while his client is facing charges in connection to the fight, he also suffered a brain bruise and concussion during the incident.

Meanwhile, a prayer service was held at St. Barnabus Church as local residents learned that Nick Barraco, the restaurant's owner, was seriously hurt in the altercation. Barraco regularly attends service at St. Barnabus.

“Oh it made me sick! He’s one of the nicest guys from one of the nicest families," resident William Swanberg told NBC Chicago before the service.

Barraco was hospitalized after the fight and later placed in intensive care. 19th Ward Ald. Matt O’Shea issued an update on Barraco’s condition. 

“He got out of [the] ICU Tuesday and came home to his family today. His family wanted him home. A more comfortable setting. He’s got a long road ahead of him," O'Shea said.

The prayer service was attended by hundreds of local residents, who wrote well wishes on a banner seen outside the church.

“We hope that he continues to make strides," O'Shea added.

The four 20-year-old suburban men arrested in the fight are facing multiple charges, including aggravated battery. All four men are scheduled to appear in court Monday.

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