Unusually Long Lines Reported at Midway Airport Security Checkpoint

Unusually long lines at Midway Airport’s security checkpoint had many customers upset Friday.

Several travelers reported long lines while trying to get through the TSA check point.

Transportation Security Administration officials did not specify what might be the cause of the longer than normal lines at the airport, but advised passengers to arrive at least two hours before their scheduled departures.

“We’re aware of longer than usual lines and are working to process passengers as quickly as possible while maintaining our primary focus on effective screening,” Michael McCarthy, a TSA spokesperson said in a statement. “As always we advise passengers to arrive at least two hours prior to domestic departures to allow enough time to for the airline check-in process as well as security screening.”

Many travelers took to social media Friday to express their frustration over the lines.

Earlier this month, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced renovations for the airport that would expand the security checkpoint, an area he said was frequently complained about by travelers.

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