Uber Offers Free Taxi Rides This Week

Company pays up to $20 for rides through Wednesday

Take some of the pain out of your next trip by taking advantage of a free ride this week.

Uber is offering complimentary city cab rides from June 25-27th.

The company started out offering private driver town car service in the city using location-based iPhone and Android apps, but a couple of months ago expanded its offerings to on-demand taxi service using the same app.

The free rides are limited to $20 and includes a 20 percent gratuity for the driver.

Uber users must sign up for an account through the app and provide a credit card number for payment. The app uses GPS technology to automatically map where vehicles are available and how long it will take to get to you.

Uber officials claim that most city cabs ordinarily take less than 5 minutes to reach clients, but warn that demand may be a bit higher during the free offer period.

The company has hundreds of taxis in its system and uses only licensed Chicago city cab drivers.

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