River North

Two Women Charged With Drugging, Robbing Man in River North

The two allegedly have victimized at least 10 individuals, according to documents provided to NBC 5

Two women were charged after drugging and robbing a man in Chicago's River North neighborhood early Sunday morning, allegedly one of several victims targeted in similar crimes.

Tiana Trammell, 25, and Tjwana Rainey, 32, were initially charged "by way of complaint for preliminary examination with the felony offense of Continuing Financial Crimes Enterprise," a Class One Felony, according to a lawsuit filed by other victims in the case.

Chicago police said the two women allegedly drugged a man who had been drinking alcohol early Sunday morning, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Officers found a 27-year-old man at approximately 12:30 a.m. in the 400 block of North LaSalle Drive behind one of the women's car, the Sun-Times reported.

Reportedly, the man had been led to the parked vehicle and was missing his personal property. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where his condition was stabilized, officials said.

The lawsuit alleges that the two Wisconsin women employed a "theft scheme," generally carried out in heavily populated areas amid "night light life" where people are consuming alcohol.

"The victim usually 'blacks out' after consuming the offenders' alcohol. The victim awakes on the side of the road missing his cell phone, wallet, credit cards and jewelry," the lawsuit said.

According to the Cook County lawsuit, in some cases, the victim invites the offenders back to the victim's residence and the victim wakes up to find his valuables are missing.

"The missing credit cards and debit cards are then used at ATM's and 24-hour Walmart and Target department stores in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the Milwaukee metro area," the lawsuit said. "The victim then contacts his financial institution and learns of the fraud on the cards."

The lawsuit alleges that from Jan. 25, 2020 through Oct. 18, 2020, the Chicago Police Department has identified 10 people who have been victims of the theft scheme.

Reportedly, the total loss from the identified victims currently exceeds $85,000.

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