Truck Company Involved In Fatal I-88 Crash Has Spotty Record

Government says nearly 93 percent of all companies have better records than DND International

The truck involved in Monday night's fiery crash on Interstate 88 near Eola Road was operated by DND International in Naperville.

Records of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration indicate DND operates over 40 trucks, employing 42 drivers who logged 4 million miles in 2012. Government records indicate that the company has an Unsafe Driving rating of 92.4 percent, meaning nearly 93 percent of all trucking companies have better records than DND.

The numbers raise enough of a concern, that the FMCSA website lists the company as exceeding the "Intervention Threshold" for both Unsafe Driving, and Hours of Service for its drivers.

In that regard, the government says nearly 91 percent of all companies have better records on the road, with DND drivers accumulating over 100 violations in the last two years, ranging from driving too long to 11 allegations of drivers falsifying hours.

FMCSA records indicate that DND drivers were involved in six accidents in the last two years, one of them a fatal crash in 2012 in Sangamon County. A state police report says the DND truck in that crash was struck by another vehicle, whose driver was killed in the crash.

A woman identifying herself as Natasha Dimitrieszski, the company's owner, told NBC 5 Tuesday morning that she still did not know which of her drivers was involved in the crash. Officials later charged driver Renato Velasquez with Class 4 felonies.

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