Trestman, Cutler Looking to Speed Up Play

Remember all those penalties the Bears picked up last season for false starts and delays of game? And those many wasted timeouts because the play wasn't ready? Marc Trestman noticed them to, and is working to make sure sloppy play doesn't make a reappearance this year.

Short videos taken from practice by NBC's own Laurence Holmes show how quickly the Bears are turning around. This one shows how quickly they are moving from huddle to snap. Trestman said Cutler is already performing well on calling plays quickly.

"We had some long calls today in the huddle. I gave it to him once and he spit it right back out. He's on top of it. Him, Josh and Matt are dealing with a lot of new words and verbiage. It's very difficult to hear it, repeat it in the huddle and then go out and execute it. But I think we're seeing a lot of good things."

It's only practice, but seeing how Cutler can get a snap off without delay says so much about Lovie Smith and the offensive coordinators he employed. Cutler's struggles seemed to be his problem. If he keeps up what he's been doing in practice, we may see a whole new quartrback on Sept. 8.

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