Threadless Gets a High-Priced Competitor

Ultimately, it all boils down to whether you view a T-shirt as something to slip on after falling out of bed or as haute couture. For the latter camp, bust out your American Express Black card and scope out

Taking somewhat of a cue from Threadless, this new site specializes in selling a limited run of 20 designs to discerning (and charitible minded) customers for $50,000.

To the undiscerning eye, the shirts are nothing special: They're black short sleeves with a cluster of letters on the the center, and presumably printed on cotton. What's more it isn't a joke: Nos. 3, 14, and 19 have already been sold. So what are you waiting for?

The shirts were designed by Daniel J, who will donate 10 percent of the purchase prices to the charity of the buyer's choice. So you know, it's for a good cause. Kinda.

"Our customers range from T-shirt collectors to rock stars, the hip, cool, trendy and wealthy crowd," Daniel J said in a press release.

Daniel insists the three have been sold so far have gone to "performers and a serious collector," though without sales records to back it up, that's akin to the bartender leaving a $20 in the tip jar and hoping others will follow suit. These shirts are certainly for sale, and are making some sort of a statement, but who's gonna take the bait -- even if sizes run all the way up to XXXL?

Our advice: Just don't eat any greasy pizza or slimy gyros while wearing these shirts that cost as much as the down payment on a house.

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