This Year's Late End to Winter Could Say Something About Next Winter

If you thought winter was lasting longer than normal this year, you aren’t wrong.

So, what does that mean for summer?

The short answer to that question is: nothing. But it could say something about the next winter season.

There’s no direct correlation currently between the length and intensity of a winter and the seasons that follow, but in recent years, a trend has emerged.

As NBC 5 meteorologist Andy Avalos noted, the last few years have indicated the longer a winter lasts, the later the following winter arrives. Still, it remains unclear if that is a direct correlation or simply a coincidence.

This April is already one of the coldest on record, and by the end of the month it could become the coldest.

Current predictions indicate spring weather could soon be here, but not before one more round of cold, ice, sleet and snow.

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