‘This Can't Last Forever': Rush Patient Gives Updates on His Battle With Coronavirus

Michael Bane, 42, was moved to the intensive care unit Friday night, continuing his battle with coronavirus

Michael Bane/Facebook

A man diagnosed with coronavirus at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago has been detailing his battle with coronavirus over viral Facebook posts.

According to Michael Bane's previous post detailing his battle, he came into contact with someone who had tested positive for coronavirus on March 3, while going to a doctor's appointment.

A little more than three weeks later, Bane, 42, moved to the intensive care unit after his oxygen saturation levels decreased according to his latest Facebook post from Friday.

"I don’t think I’ve ever felt panic like I did at that moment," he wrote. "The feeling of not being able to get air is a terrifying one. I thank Rush for their amazing and fast response, and my room was quickly flooded with medical professionals working to get me stable and trying to assess the situation."

Bane detailed the painful arterial blood draw he endured, as well as the frustration of constantly having to be hooked up to multiple cords.

"The ICU is a bit more chaotic than my old floor, and I’m trapped in this bed due to all these monitors," he said.

Bane said he wants people to take advantage of quarantine to spend time with family at home.

"I’m hoping this is just a minor setback on the way to recovery," he added. "This can’t last forever, even if it feels like it’s going to sometimes. Be safe everyone.

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