The Fake Tweet Campaign

Senate stand-ins better than the real thing

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Alexi Giannoulias didn't really tweet this, but we wish he had:

"Our President's right- All Americans should have the right to visit the proctologist of their choice without paying out of their ass for it."

And David Hoffman didn't really tweet this, but we wish he had:

"I'm announcing my run for Senate 2day. Join me as I tout my years as a reformer, plucking @ the low-hanging fruit of city government."

And Cheryle Jackson didn't really tweet this, but we wish she had:

"I'm @ a fab event w/ a grp of vry cool volunteers! 2 them, I say, remembr: I c u. I hear u. Literally."

The tweets are the brainchild of . . . somebody . . . who has set up a series of fake Twitter accounts for the U.S. Senate candidates.

The creator isn't trying to fool anyone like the fake Shaq or fake Christopher Walken did last year. These Twitter accounts are named FakeAlexi, FakeHoffman, and FakeCheryle - but it's still not clear who's behind the gambit.

Whoever it is, though, is an equal opportunity snarker.

As noted by the Capitol Fax's Rich Miller, who reported on the Twitter accounts Monday, Republican Mark Kirk gets the treatment, too.

"Help our campaign to reform Illinois by circulating petitions so I can stay in D.C.!" FakeMarkKirk tweeted. "Been here 8 years, but I'm just getting started"

It's all fake, but in it's own way it's also filled with far more truth than the real campaign.

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Steve Rhodes is the proprietor of The Beachwood Reporter, a witty and award-winning Chicago-centric news and culture review.

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