The Blago Road Show

Blagojevich claims he will be completely vindicated

Deposed Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich resurrected his fast-talking media blitz this morning with an appearance on the Today Show timed to coincide with the release of his book, “The Governor.”

Blago used the appearance as a way to rehash lines from his book, which was released early last week by many bookstores, and continue to claim his innocence in only the way that Blago could.

“If what I say is true is true,” he said.  “And if a governor was stolen from office then something is totally upside down.”

If what he says is true is true, then everyone from the president to the senate majority leader to the White House Chief of Staff was complicit in his unfair ouster from office.

Blagojevich claims that he was working on an above-board deal to hand the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Barack Obama to his nemesis Lisa Madigan when he was arrested. He says that numerous political players were aware of the deal and that no one is speaking out on his behalf.

“The irony here is that the very accusers that said those things and took them out of context took me out of office are the very people that went to court to block the tapes for being released.”

Blago said that once each and every wire-taped conversation is released, he will be "completely vindicated."

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In the meantime, he’s trying to win vindication through books and media appearances.

“When you’re an honest person and you want to tell the people who hired you and trusted that you did nothing wrong you look for the highest mountain top shout your message from,” Blago said. “But no one hears you when you’re on top of the mountain top so the next best thing is to write a book and come on a show like [the Today show.]

Blagojevich continues his media blitz this week. He’s scheduled for an appearance on The View this Wednesday and on Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday.

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