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Teens Call For Peace in Chicago Streets After Violent Carjacking Sprees

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Some Chicago teenagers are calling for peace in the streets Friday.

For the past several weeks police have seen an increase in carjacking crimes involving teens and now there’s a push to reach out to the offenders before it's too late.

NBC 5 talked to a 17-year-old boy who lives on the far South Side of Chicago and said he knows just how dangerous the streets can be.

“All I have to say is to stop messing with these old people. Let them do what they do. Stop messing with these women,” he said.

He called for an end to the violent carjacking sprees across the city and said he fears that someone he loves could be the next victim.

“I don’t want nobody doing that to my mom, one of my grandparents, my grandma or one of my sisters,” he said.

Early Friday morning, a man was carjacked while heading into work with his friend near Corneila and Kostner.

“Three black guys were waiting for me to get out of my car and they pulled out guns,” Edwin Inguanco said.

The man told police the carjackers were parked behind him. He said he also noticed a woman and a child sitting in the parked car before being confronted.

Thursday night, a father and son were carjacked near Thorndale and Broadway, police said, when a group of four men pulled up in a Honda Civic.

According to police, two of the men got out of the vehicle with guns and confronted the father and son. Police said they drove off with the man's Volvo, but left the car to commit another carjacking against a woman sitting in a parked BMW at the stop sign.

“We need to get in their minds and find out how we can get them to change their mindsets,” Tio Hardiman, the founder of Violence Interrupters, said.

As part of the organization, Hardiman works with young teens to mediate conflicts on Chicago streets.

“You can not stop carjackings or stop gun violence unless you meet with people that are involved in the carjackings or shootings,” he said.

Chicago police said there’s been more than 200 carjackings so far in January. Hardiman said he knows it’s only going to get worse unless city leaders hit the streets to get to the root of the problem.

“There’s no other way to stop carjackings other than meeting with the guys involved in the carjackings,” said Hardiman. “Right now we need to place all our antennas on high alert and do our best to reach out to the guys on the streets and try to establish a truce with them.”

Hardiman said he believes teens are carjacking for the thrill and for the adrenaline rush. He said teens may even try to sell the car parts or use the stolen car to commit other crimes.

Violence Interrupters will be out Saturday morning to do security patrols at gas stations hit by carjackers. The organization is planning to meet at a gas station at 52nd Street and Lake Park at 10:30 a.m.

Police said no injuries were reported from the carjackings in Kilbourn Park and Edgewater.

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