Former Glenview Nursing Home Aides Plead Guilty to Taunting Elderly Woman

The nursing home aides were sentenced to supervision and community service

Two former aides at Glenview nursing home pled guilty to separate charges on Monday stemming from a SnapChat video that revealed an aide taunted an elderly woman with dementia.

Joan Biebel said her 91-year-old mother, Margaret Collins, had a good experience at the Abington of Glenview until the disturbing video surfaced in Dec. 2018.

A video clip included a caption of an aide poking fun at the elderly woman's dislike of hospital gowns. The video was shot by another aide.

The aide seen in the video, Brayan Cortez, pled guilty to disorderly conduct, while Jamie Montesa, the person who shot and posted the video, pled guilty to attempted unauthorized recording.

Both received sentences of supervision and community service. 

The victim's family is now focused on moving forward with the civil lawsuit against the nursing home, Biebel said. 

"This family is bringing this lawsuit, because they want to make sure that nursing homes take every measure they can to ensure this doesn't happen to someone else," said family attorney Margaret Battersby-Black.

In a statement, the Abington of Glenview told NBC 5 that it "maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding conduct of this nature, and immediately terminated the two aides after we were able to determine they had violated the facility's policies." 

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