Surveillance Camera Records Man Taking Down Holiday Decorations from Northwest Side Home

The homeowner said the aftermath looked like a tornado had blown through

A surveillance camera captured a stranger tearing down holiday decorations in the middle of the night from a Northwest Side Chicago home.

In the video, which was recorded Tuesday at about 3 a.m., a man dressed in a black sweater and khakis can be seen walking down the street near the South Port Corridor. The man then tried to open a locked gate to one home, but was unsuccessful. The video goes on to show the man walking next door and ripping off garland and decorations from the fence and porch.

The homeowner with the damaged décor wanted to remain anonymous and said the video was captured on her neighbor’s surveillance camera. She said the aftermath looked like a tornado had blown through.

“The U.P.S. guy actually rang the doorbell and said ‘what happened to your Christmas decorations,’” the homeowner said.

The homeowner has not yet filed a police report.

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