Suburban Woman Warns of Lingering Effects Even After Beating Coronavirus

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A suburban woman who recovered from the coronavirus said she suffered lingering effects for months and she is urging people to take masks and social distancing more seriously.

Pam Bachman of St. Charles said she spent a week in the hospital in June battling the virus. But she said a week after returning home, she noticed her hair falling out.

“Even the texture of my hair changed. It continued until from June till maybe two weeks ago,” Bachman said.

Bachman said she also suffered arm pain and an altered thyroid.

“It’s been a journey just to get stronger every day,” Bachman said. “Just to start walking again and eating and there is some, I don’t want to say memory loss, but just fog, memory fog, which is also improving now."

Dr. Phillip Cozzi of Elmhurst Memorial Hospital said some patients who beat the virus may experience lingering effects such as shortness of breath, chronic fatigue, cough, brain fog or depressive states.

“Most people can expect full recovery without any long-term sequela. The more ill patients who have more impressive syndrome are usually those who suffer from the long-term side effect, although, even people with mild symptoms can experience a lingering cough and fatigue state," Cozzi said.

Cozzi said no matter the size of the gathering, there still has to be marked vigilance with social distancing, and large groups should be avoided altogether.

Bachman said she is pleading with people to realize the virus is “not a joke.”

“Maybe for some people the symptoms aren’t so bad, but for myself that I never thought it would be that bad, it’s horrible,” Bachman said.

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