Stroger Vetoes Bill Aimed at Limiting His Powers

Commissioners believe they can override Stroger's veto

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is a fighter. 

After the full board passed a measure to limit his hiring powers and freeze his free-wheeling spending habits, the embattled Cook County Board President vetoed the ordinance drafted especially for him, according to the Sun-Times.

Touch√©, Todd. 

The measure would freeze hiring and salaries until the day the lame duck president walks out of his office with his belongings in a box on November 30th.

Stroger recently handed out a $54,000 raise to his chief financial officer, bought new office furniture and paid his bills with a county credit card. The moves pushed a frustrated county board to its limits. Commissioners voted 16-1 last week to curb Stroger's spending power.

In a filing to the Cook County Clerk's office, Stroger decried the ordinance claiming it "violates the statutory and Constitutional authority of the President of the Cook County Board," according to the Sun-Times.

Commissioners believe they have the 11 votes to override Stroger's veto and reign in his spending.

The board president is threatening to take the issue to court.

But his bluff weakens as his term nears its end.

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