Steppenwolf Theatre Extends ‘Bald Sisters' Due to Popular Demand

Steppenwolf Theatre's world premiere of "Bald Sisters" is now being offered for an extra week of performances.  

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"Bald Sisters" revolves around the choices two Cambodian American sisters must make after the death of their mother, and their decisions must take into account their Cambodian heritage.  

"We both don’t have hair, but for different reasons," said actress Francesca Fernandez McKenzie, who plays one of the sisters.

The sisters are radically different. "My character went through the genocide when she was young," said actress Jennifer Lim. "So I think a lot of her choices and worldview are informed by that. Sophea (McKenzie) was born here in the U.S. and did not experience that."

Actress Fernandez McKenzie describes her character, Sophea, as, "I’m the black sheep. I’m the artist, I’m the one doing what I was told not to do, and Him (Lim) does everything she's told to do."

These different perspectives help showcase vastly different worldviews,  but ultimately their unspeakable bond shines through.

"They are the only ones who really understand their grief, so even if there’s tension or contention, ultimately they see each other … in the way that, in times like this, in grief, you need to be seen.” 

Although "Bald Sisters" is a drama, “this play sort of does it all. It makes you laugh, it moves you, it makes you sad, it sort of runs the whole gambit of human emotions."

The acclaimed play has been in development for years and centers around a Cambodian American family. Steppenwolf Theatre partnered with several local community organizations to more accurately present Asian American voices.

"Bald Sisters" at Steppenwolf Theatre has been extended through Jan. 21.

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