Some Glenwood Residents Disrupted by Filming of Amazon Show ‘Paper Girls'

The production company filming in the neighborhood could not be reached for comment.

Some residents in suburban Glenwood voiced frustration after their drives home Thursday evening were interrupted by filming for the Amazon series "Paper Girls."

Justin Gunn, who lives on Park Drive, said he was met by a roadblock near his house.

“Instead of coming home, we could have been aware and gotten a hotel for the night or for a few nights while they made their production,” Gunn said.

Homeowner Karl Jackson, Jr. said, "We had to drive around for a number of minutes trying to find an entrance way to get to our home."

Jack-o'-lanterns have been placed in the Glenwood Manor subdivision, and some trees have been embellished with toilet paper, both decorations for the series starring actress Ali Wong.

The series' storyline focuses on four girls delivering newspapers on the day after Halloween in 1988 when they become unwittingly caught in a conflict between warring factions of time-travelers and get sent on an adventure, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Brian Mitchell, Glenwood's village administrator, said the production company, Olive Productions, notified residents impacted by the filming. However, not everyone was informed.

“They had a couple that they didn’t get to,” he explained. “I tried to assist them with that to the best of my ability.”

In a news release, Mitchell said Glenwood was approached by the company in late April, seeking permission to use Arquilla Park and streets in Glenwood Manor for filming.

Officials worked to "accommodate these needs" and worked with the south suburban community of Thornton, where filming occurred prior to Glenwood.

Olive Productions agreed to compensate the village and any Glenwood property owners for actual expense incurred and inconvenience, according to the village manager.

Mitchell added he has been in contact with the company after residents shared their concerns.

“Anytime I have concerns from residents, I want to make sure that I address the concerns to the best of my ability or to those that have impacted or created issues with other people,” Mitchell said.

Filming was slated to continue Friday evening after dark.

Olive Productions did not respond to a request for comment.

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