Smokey’s Players Of The Week


Mark It 8, Dude

Marian Hossa - He would have gotten this for his 24 minutes of a Motorhead song he was last  night in Detroit, but he also scored against Anaheim and had an assist against Florida. If the Hawks are going to get that Angel of Death they saw last night in the Dying City of Detroit for the rest of the season, there isn't a team in the West that's going to want any part of this. Hossa dragged two pretty useless linemates in Marcus Kruger and Bryan Bickell along for the ride last night. Why anyone thought this guy was loafing earlier this year is a comedy right up there with the cobra that went for a walk from Bronx Zoo. Simply an irresistible force. And look, he has more points than he did last year in one more game.

Corey Crawford - While I've been hard on the handling of Crow recently, it doesn't have much to do with him. When he had some spotty performances, I blamed the fatigue he was saddled with by being ridden like a 10k claimer at Hawthorne by Coach Q. However, four goals allowed in the last three games is everything you could ask for. Without him, the Ducks game would have been over a lot quicker and there's not much he can do if you're going to let Corey Perry go strolling through the park in your crease. Last night he made some huge saves on some gifted snipers that kept the Hawks from getting down. Hopefully he can ride this all out to the end and the crush of starts doesn't break him.

Over The LIne, Mark it Zero

Michael Frolik - We're high on Frolik here, but his shot selection is shoddy. He fires from everywhere no matter how hopeless. His insistence on firing away ruins possession and takes away from better scoring chances available. There's a lot to work with here, and we're sure he feels pressure to score after having a snake-bitten season in that category and being brought in here. But he's got some playmaking ability and should use it.

Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith - Totally unfair, because after last night they could go in the first category. But these two badly misplayed the best line in hockey for the two goals that sunk the Hawks on Saturday night, and though having no margin for error would seem cruel, that's the standard we and the Hawks and themselves hold Marlboro 72 to. It's a tough world when you're this good.

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