Smokey’s Player Of The Week


Mark It 8, Dude

Viktor Stalberg - If the NHL is going to name him a star of the week, far be it from me to disagree. Five goals, seven points in four games. That'll do quite nicely. I'll have more on him in a post coming later today.

Andrew Shaw - The fans have a new folk hero, and he has been dubbed "Chicken Hawk" by us at Second City Hockey. Three more goals for him, and one of the very grindy kind that drives men wild. Shaw isn't afraid to go to the net, which is in short supply among the team. He also doesn't shy after getting waxed by hits, which he seems to be getting more often as word about him gets out. Fine by us.

Dave Bolland - Back from the dead. Bolland has been getting around the goal line, which is where he does his best work. He seems to have developed an understanding with Andrew Brunette, who also does his best work down low and around the crease. It only took half a season, but someone figured out how to get into that area to cash in on the chances Bruno creates down there.

Over The Line, Mark It Zero

Patrick Kane - Pains me to put him here, because the sheer drivel that's been produced by the unwashed and unread during this scoring slump pretty much eats my soul. But Kane is in the worst drought of his career, and in two games against Minnesota and Detroit he did start to hide a bit. He looked off, and his confidence shot. Things improved against San Jose where he once again was noticeable, and it's only a matter of time before one or a few opponents are made to pay for this frustration. But we'd all be happier if it's sooner rather than later.

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