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Six Flags Debuts Epic New Virtual Reality Attraction

A new attraction at Six Flags Great America will allow riders to experience what it would be like to fly like Superman or lasso bad guys like Wonder Woman.

The ride, DC Super Heroes Drop of Doom, is a virtual reality attraction that features the famed superheroes as they battle Lex Luthor. Riders will get on the park’s Giant Drop attraction with VR goggles, and will get to experience the drop as part of the storyline.

According to the park, Lex Luthor will “levitate” riders with his anti-gravity ray gun and they will begin to float upward on the ride. As Wonder Woman and Superman battle Luthor, riders will drop to the city streets 200 feet below.

Riders must be at least 48 inches to ride the attraction. The attraction is now open at the park, and will be open through July 22. 

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