Blackhawks Cups Mistakenly Sent to St. Louis-Area Dunkin' Donuts

A mistake at a St. Louis-area Dunkin' Donuts shop likely made Blackhawks fans in the area happy, but left a lot of Blues fans, well, blue.

Dunkin' Donuts said a shipping error sent Blackhawks cups to a franchisee in Kirkwood by mistake, to the frustration of many St. Louis Blues fans.

According to the store’s manager, the cups were removed Wednesday.

Dunkin' Donuts Chicago spokesperson Carrie Reckert confirmed the error was resolved and the cups are “no longer being used in the St. Louis-area.”

The franchisee is now giving away free blue-frosted doughnuts for every St. Louis win.

Reckert also confirmed the cups continue to be sold at stores in Chicago.

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