Possible Microburst Creates Damage in Summit

National Weather Service forecasters said wind gusts reached 55 MPH

Forecasters early Tuesday evening couldn't officially say whether weather damage in Summit, south of Chicago, was caused by a microburst but said there were wind gusts of about 55 MPH.

The line of storms was brief but powerful enough to cause damage to roofs, bring down tree branches and cause a street lamp pole to tilt.

Roberto Galvaz was at work when a neighbor called him to tell him of damage at his home from a downed tree. He came home to find part of his front window shattered.

"For a tree branch to fall, and it was a pretty big branch from what I remember, it must have been some really strong wind coming through here," said Galvaz.

Another home on the 7300 block of 62nd Place had a portion of the roof blown away. The pieces fell on top of the homeowner's car.

While much of the area got off to a cloudy, mild and muggy start, warm and moist air moved in during the late morning and early afternoon hours. A few storms popped up with high winds and downpours.

Forecast models showed the chance of thunderstorms continuing with an isolated threat Wednesday. Conditions look to dry up for most of Thursday, but rain moves back into the forecast late Thursday night and the wet weather will likely stay through the weekend ahead of a big cool down.

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