Crew Filming Video to Warn of State Trooper Dangers Catches Car Blasting Past Cruiser

Dramatic video of a car dangerously zooming past a stopped state trooper was captured by police while they were filming a commercial warning the public to beware of such driving.

It happened just as the Lake County Sheriff's Office was producing a new show-and-tell video about Scott's Law. The number of Illinois crashes due to Scott's Law violations has increased dramatically last year to this. Eight crashes occurred in all of 2018, 16 this year--including two that were fatal.

State police Sgt. Christopher Watson says that's even after enforcement and education has been stepped up.

"It's doubled and we've only made it to April," he said.

That's what alarmed the Lake County Sheriff's Department. It didn't take long for an actual violation right on camera.

"We just had a violator here and he will be pulled over for their violation," a narrator in the video says.

"Some people are still not getting the message and it's making our jobs very unsafe," Watson said.

The number of violations handed out since last year shot up from 242 to more than 1,300.

The video Lake County Sheriff's Office has already had 100,000 views on social media.

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