Science Has Failed Bears

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After his MCL tear, Matt Forte took an injection of platelet-rich plasma to help him heal more quickly.

There's no timetable for Forte, but he says he won't return until he's 100 percent. Who can blame him? If he reinjures his knee in a rush back to play football, he can't help the team or himself in contract negotiations.

I have no beef with Forte. My beef is with science. An injection of plasma is the best we can do for the man who has been the centerpiece of the Bears offense for most of the season?

"The Six-Million Dollar Man" premiered in 1974, with its promises of using science to rebuild a man and making him stronger. Jamie Sommers, the first female Cyborg (also known as "The Bionic Woman) got her own show in 1976. How has science not caught up to the promises of cheesy television shows?

We have a quarterback with a broken thumb and a running back with a sprained knee. We can't give Cutler the bionic hand given to Luke Skywalker? We can't whip up some magical healing device to speed up Forte's recovery?

And sure, scientists. I realize that you've been busy inventing the internet and iPods and creating vaccines and cleaning water and stopping the hole from the ozone from growing. That's all very important and appreciated.

But these are our Bears, science! Let's get to work coming up with a miracle cure to get Cutler and Forte back on the field. That might be the only hope for the season.

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