School Bus Driver Charged With DUI

Four students were on bus at time of incident, officials said

A South Side man is accused of driving kids on a school bus while drunk.

Kenny Sellers, 41, was charged with driving under the influence Tuesday after an officer pulled him over for erratic driving.

Police say another driver complained to an officer that Sellers almost rear-ended him multiple times, and that Sellers refused to pull over when approached by police, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Sellers allegedly failed a field sobriety test and refused to take a breath test. Officials say he later tried to escape from the police station and fought with officers.

Four Hawthorne Elementary School children were on the bus at the time of the incident, according to the newspaper.

A CPS spokeswoman said Sellers is now banned from driving a bus for the district.

From the district:

The safety of students is our top priority and we continue to gather all relevant facts and work with the Chicago Police Department on this matter. We are further addressing this incident with our bus vendor to ensure that they are taking all appropriate screening measures for their drivers. Following the incident, we notified the families affected and the school is doing further outreach to its parent community to assure them that we will take every step necessary to assure student safety. We audit the records of bus companies regularly and this driver will be permanently banned from driving a CPS route.

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